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Participating Law Firms


Participating Law Firms (PLF)

For the first time Australian, New Zealand and regional law firms have immediate access to an extensive range of highly qualified aviation specialists who are available as expert witnesses. All experts have specific training in compiling expert opinion reports, presenting expert evidence and familiarity with the local judicial system and legal processes.

This service provides the vital link between participating law firms and those experts who have completed an expert witness training workshop. Aviation experts provided under Aviation Expert Witness Service will not only be technically qualified but also have specialist training by a Senior Counsel experienced in aviation matters. Experts will be confident in presenting expert evidence and how to compile expert reports that satisfy all legal procedural and evidentiary requirements.

Benefits of registering as a PLF

In addition to the fact that Aviation Expert Witness Service is a unique offering to the legal profession the service also offers the following benefits:

  • A wide range of aviation experts and technical specialists
  • All experts have successfully completed an Aviation Expert Witness Workshop
  • There is no fee for Participating Law Firms to review the CVs of registered experts or for the assistance of Aviation Expert Witness administration

How to become a PLF

To register as a Participating Law Firm email: