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interNEWS is a new initiative in expert witness services and provides invaluable training to experts and access to aviation expert witnesses


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Aviation Expert Witness Service provides a unique service in specialist expert training for aviation professionals, and for law firms quick access to highly experienced expert witnesses across all aviation technical disciplines and in safety management systems

For the first time a specialist service, developed exclusively for the aviation industry, is available in Australia, New Zealand and across the Asia-Pacific region. Leveraging from the expertise and reputation of AvLaw – a highly respected international aviation consultancy firm – Aviation Expert Witness Service is an industry first for the aviation and legal profession in the region.

With the technical, operational and safety aspects of aviation regulation almost universally harmonised, highly qualified aviation expert witnesses are in high demand throughout the world to assist with complex litigation involving airlines and other aviation activities. Aviation Expert Witness Service provides the missing link to allow immediate access for law firms to an extensive and diverse range of aviation professionals including pilots, air traffic controllers, safety regulators, aircraft accident investigators, safety and human factors specialists, airport and security personnel, licensed aircraft engineers and many others.