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Become an Expert Witness


Become an Expert Witness

A must attend workshop for aviation professionals who wish to hold themselves out as expert aviation witnesses.

To be an effective expert witness requires far more than technical expertise. Courts apply very strict rules to the conduct of experts and to the form of expert reports. A report may contain highly technical insights but if not properly structured it can be rejected by the Court or Tribunal. Cross-examination can be a gruelling experience for someone not properly prepared.


What is the purpose of this workshop?

This workshop is intended for experienced aviation professionals who wish to hold themselves out as expert aviation witnesses. This workshop will provide you with a clear understanding of the requirements that must be met in the preparation and presentation of an expert report. The emphasis will be on the practical aspects of preparing an expert report, presenting your opinions in court and being cross-examined to see how you, your opinions and your reputation stand up to scrutiny in the court room environment.


Who should attend?

Pilots, safety specialists, aircraft engineers, air traffic controllers, aircraft incident and accident investigators, safety regulators and indeed any other professional aviation specialists are welcome.


When and where are the workshops held?

Sydney, October 2016


How is the workshop structured?

The program has been developed by experienced aviation lawyers and qualified training specialists with extensive experience in the aviation industry.
A pre-workshop pack will be sent to workshop participants at least two weeks prior to the workshop. The workshop program will comprise five key sessions:

  1. Theory and background to the role of expert witnesses
    • what the law and Courts require
    • the role and duties of the expert in court, tribunals and coronial inquests
    • different types of experts
    • the rules of evidence
  2. The process
    • step-by-step guide
    • alternative processes
  3. Presentation: A Regulator’s Perspective
  4. Preparation of the written expert report
    • review of pre-work, draft reports
  5. Cross-examination exercise
    • briefing on what to expect, how to behave and how to answer questions
    • practical role-play cross-examination exercise for volunteer expert witnesses
    • debrief

In addition to the pre-workshop pack, course notes and supporting materials will be provided at the workshop.

What will it cost?

Workshop subscription (Cost TBA) includes lunch, coffee breaks, course materials and a complementary copy of Aviation Law in Australia 4th Edition’ valued at RRP $159.


Early Bird Special

Participants who successfully complete this workshop will be entitled to a year’s registration on the AvLaw International Aviation Expert Witness database which will be available to participating law firms throughout Australia.